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Nature Retreat to calm your mind & open your heart!

Rishikesh is the most popular option for yoga & meditation retreat. Located in Northern India in the lap of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is referred to as the “Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas” and also the “Yoga Capital of the World”. Hundreds and thousands of people from around the globe visit Rishikesh to meditate, Yoga, destress, and acquire peace.
Rishikesh is not just the most ancient pilgrimage place in India but also a peaceful temple town wherein the Ganges River flows clear, filled with spiritual energy. Rishikesh is the perfect spot for the spiritually inclined people as well as individuals who want to rejuvenate their soul and body.
If you search, you will find a host of ancient yoga retreats in Rishikesh. The classes are often a lot larger and the living conditions are more “basic”. But, all in all, you will have a good time if you choose the best retreat for yourself.
We, Vamayog, are one of the best top yoga retreats in Rishikesh. If you are wishing to experience healing and deep relaxation or learn yoga and practice meditation, we assure you to provide exceptional services. We offer our visitors the chance to explore the surrounding nature, with plenty of leisurely time to find their inner-selves.

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Is Nature Retreat The Right Choice For You? ​

Are you tired of your crazy lifestyle? ​
If yes, then a nature retreat is the best solution for you. It will help you to take time off from your busy life and relax in nature. Contrary to other retreats, nature retreat allows individuals to withdraw stresses and strains from their lives. In nature, you will have the time to focus on your health and listen to your body.
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Why Nature Retreat?

Nature retreat allows individuals to take a break from their daily stressors, focus on the needs of their bodies, and mental wellbeing.
Here are more benefits of going on a nature retreat:

1- Transform & Restore​

A nature retreat can be life-changing for you. It will offer you plenty of time to reconnect to yourself, acquire the lost zest, and clarity to take more meaningful steps in life. When you will surround yourself with green trees and chirping birds, your body will find the positivity and calmness that it needs.

2- A Break From Hectic Life ​

Nature retreats are situated in serene locations that are close to nature. In short, you will find yourself in a perfect space that will help you to forget every problem and to unwind. At the same time, you will get a chance to know the actual beauty and power of nature.

3- A Healthier Shift ​

From yoga and meditation to pranayama, you can involve in various calming practices in a beautiful and relaxing environment that will shift you to a more conscious and healthier approach to life. After taking a nature retreat, people go back to their homes with a sense of transformation, empowerment, and purity.
Besides, the experience you will acquire in the nature retreat will help you to make conscious decisions in the long run. Plus, you will also learn to adapt healthy practices without feeling guilty.

4- Nature Helps To Unwind ​ ​

As human beings, we are also a vital part of the natural ecosystem. Every human is highly dependent on it for his/her survival. That being said, the natural environment has the power to affect our health and well-being.
Also, nature significantly helps in stress recovery. Considering the same, nature retreat is again the best way to gain healing elements straight from nature itself.

5- Trained Experts ​

Nature retreats also include yoga, meditation, healing treatments, counseling sessions, and much more by experts. Over the course of the program, experienced teachers will support you to acquire balance and a sense of wellbeing.
At Vamayog, sessions can be easily personalized. So, no matter what your needs and conditions are, you can discuss them with our experts and they will suggest the proper techniques to improve your problems. 

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