Intermediate and Advanced Classes

Vamayog is here to help you experience the pleasure of advanced yoga. The best part is that this amazing activity can be learned and performed with intermediate and advanced classes in Dehradun. You can completely detox your body with the help of our Detox retreat yoga sessions and give yourself a fresh new life free from all kinds of disease.
You will have professional Yoga trainers to assist you with advanced Yoga asanas that will help you enrich a healthy lifestyle. All our practitioners have the required experience and expertise in helping you learn and practice accurately to avail the benefits you are looking forward to having.

Extensive Sessions In Offer

You can consider opting for our comprehensive session of 100 hr or 200 hr yoga sessions amidst the beautiful surroundings of Dehradun and Rishikesh and give your body all the goodies it deserves. From general classes to intermediate and advanced sessions, you can seek the benefit of yoga as per your needs.
It will help you get deep knowledge of yoga that will inspire you to lead a more healthy lifestyle. Take a look at the benefits you will be getting while pursuing the respective sessions:
Yoga plays a huge role in enhancing flexibility
It helps you avail better metabolism.
Yoga and meditation can help you in lowering blood sugar
It enhances body posture.
It also boosts blood flow circulation.
It also helps you build muscle strength
Most importantly, it boosts self-esteem.

Yoga And Enhancing Atmosphere

Rishikesh is popular all around for its beautiful surroundings and mystical beauty. Performing yoga in Rishikesh is a dream of many and we, at Vamayog, are here to fulfill the same with our intermediate and advanced classes in Dehradun. It will help you eliminate all kinds of negativity from your body and bring in a pure version of yourself.
We have been in this business for a long period and have served many with the best yoga training sessions. So, you can always trust us and register yourself for a meditation and yoga session that will help you give your body the gift it deserves. Reach out to our team now for advanced and intermediate yoga classes!

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