Aerial Yoga

How about experiencing Aerial yoga in the beautiful land of Dehradun? Vamayog is here to help you have this amazing experience. All you have to do is to connect with our team and we will help you complete training and organized sessions that will help you feel more than refreshed.
So, if you have never tried Aerial Yoga before and are thinking about experiencing the same, our 100 Hr yoga in Rishikesh and Dehradun will help you with it. From traditional yoga to modern dance and aerial dance, we will help you with all types of programs that will assist you to relish the best of Aerial yoga.

Beginners Program

If you are starting your Aerial yoga with us, we will introduce you to all forms of it that will help you learn how to balance your body while on fabric or doing a flip in the air, or holding a position. Our professional trainers will help you get complete awareness of the different types of body support that you need to lead a healthy lifestyle.
We will ensure that it becomes easy for you to kick start your aerial program with us and get all the bases covered through it. So, you must not hesitate and reach out to us to get started with our aerial yoga in Dehradun for beginners.

Advanced Program

If you are thinking about having a career in aerial yoga then our advanced courses are just perfectly designed for you. But, you will be only eligible for this program if you have mastered the basic ones. If you have completed all levels of your beginner's program it's time to shift to the advanced level and become a pro.
In this session, our professional trainers will help you learn an acrobatic style that will enhance your flexibility and strength. Our trainers will ensure that you get it right and perform all the actions accurately.

Conquer Your Fear With Aerial Yoga

If you are looking to perform something challenging and bid adieu to all kinds of fear, our advanced aerial yoga classes are just tailor-made for it. It will certainly train to perfection that will make it easy for you to get started with a career in it.
So, do not hesitate and connect with us now to get the best of aerial yoga training amidst the beautiful surroundings.

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